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A large part of why certain films are my favourite and I’ve watched them again and again is due to their soundtrack. For me, a film soundtrack isn’t just a perfect compliment to aesthetically stunning scenes; it’s also a way of making the narrative more tangible. I love soundtracks that utilize headphones and radios to further embed the audience into the story; it's as if you're sharing the moment with the characters. Like that world is yours also. Soundtracks allow me to continue living in the fictional world even after the credits are rolled and my tongue has started to itch from the saltiness of movie theatre popcorn. How can I ever listen to “Mystery of Love” and not think of Elio and Oliver running around the Italian countryside? Or associate the rush of Bowie’s “Modern Love” with the abruptness of falling? Below I share my three favourite film soundtracks. 

Call Me By Your Name

I don't think there's anyone who watched CMBYN and didn't fall in love with the soundtrack. It's filled with a perfect mix of tunes that work for every mood. From Sufjan's Stevens heart wrenching ballads "Visions of Gideon" and "Mystery of Love" to the Psychedelic Fur's hit "Love My Way", I relive every beautiful moment every time I hear any of the songs. The film's musical director also utilizes the songs super well, whether filtered from the car radio to further pull the audience in or softly playing as the credits roll and the audience is struck by the expressive artistry that is Timothée Chalamet's face. 

Favourite track: J'adore Venise//Loredana Bertè

Frances Ha

I spent the summer of 2015 waking up at four in the morning, catching the all night bus to go work at Starbucks until my legs went numb. Each morning, I experienced the sort of nighttime magic that every song, poem and film filtered photographs talk about—feeling like you’re the only person alive in the whole entire world, bonding with the people who seem to crawl along the edges of the crush--and the Frances Ha soundtrack played a large role in amplifying that feeling. This soundtrack makes “Everyone’s a Winner” by Hot Chocolate the most romantic song in the world, perfect for tripping along empty streets and peering into store windows as if they were lost memories. In someways the Frances Ha soundtrack acts like a map, a way to connect the different points of discovery in Frances journey, physical and otherwise.

Favourite Track: Modern Love//David Bowie


The only solo Alex Turner album I've ever going to need, Submarine's soundtrack is only five songs which are perfectly used throughout the film. Submarine itself is a magnificent film that doesn't try to hard to be profound or quirky--it just is. And it's soundtrack perfectly aligns with that. It's the perfect thing for floating paper boats in deep rain puddles and watching fireworks on cool summer nights. 

Favourite track: Hiding Tonight

Honorable mentions: An Education, The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Collected), Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

January Favourites


Naomi Shimada is one of the most inspiring people I follow on Instagram and I was even more inspired after reading  this feature on Refinery29 UK , where she talks about her favourite books and her relationship with learning 

Naomi Shimada is one of the most inspiring people I follow on Instagram and I was even more inspired after reading this feature on Refinery29 UK, where she talks about her favourite books and her relationship with learning 

Each time I pull my turtleneck’s tight tube of fabric over my head, I’m reminded of its essential appeal: its ability to protect, both metaphorically and materially.
— Kelsey Mckinney

Kelsey Mckinney wrote about the history of turtlenecks, their association with power and creativity, and their comfort as security

Durga Chew Bose wrote beautifully and elegantly about Call Me By Your Name and I read the whole thing with a stupid grin on my face

I've always been a big fan of Nora Ephron, but after watching Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally for the first time this holiday season, my adoration grew. Her interview in 2012 with Believer just proves why her influence is everlasting. 



Mindhunter on Netflix. I'm not really a big fan of murder crime mystery kind of things, but I watched this (relatively) new show in about a week. It provides an intriguing look into how the FBI came to understand serial killers as we know them now, and profiles a few (dare I say) iconic serial killers of our time. Jonathan Groff is amazing in it and I can't wait for the second season.

grown-ish. I never did watch black-ish but I love Yara Shahidi and her Instagram always gives me a laugh, so I thought I would check grown-ish out. I love it. I anticipate every episode, which is the perfect blend of hilarious and relatable. Also there are SO MANY attractive men. Like so many. 


The New Yorker Radio Hour: “Deportation in America”. It's disappointing that immigrants constantly have to prove that they are worthy of living in the countries they immigrate to. Unfortunately that's the world we live in. This episode of TNYRH was a really powerful listen and demonstrates the resilience, the bravery and the power of the people that are often dehumanized. 

This is: Angel Olsen. I definitely associate Angel Olsen with being creative and so I've been playing her a lot, especially when I'm writing in my journal in the mornings.

WEARING: Le Labo’s Vanille 44


I got this as a birthday gift when I was in Paris and I've worn it everyday since. The smell is the perfect blend of sweet vanilla and crushed black pepper, and it always reminds me of Paris. 

Songs to Dance To

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Since watching Call Me By Your Name, every time I think about the scene where Oliver (played by Armie Hammer) dances his heart out, it always brings a smile to my face. That moment is so poignant because there's something to be said for dancing with such freedom, with little care if you look good or sexy, because you feel good and sexy. I've been having a few of my own carefree solo dance parties recently and it's been amazing. Here are the songs that have been accompanying my flailing.