Little Miss Sunshine

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Coat: @shop_magandapa Dress: Aritzia Leggings: Lululemon Shoes: Nike Jewelry: Wolf Circus

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I bought this coat from Maganda Pa a few months ago when I was deep in an Instagram shopping hole but I wore it for the first time only a few weeks ago. I've thought about wearing it a few times but I was nervous that it was too bold and I would stand out too much. I love color but often refrain from wearing too much of it. Although I've recently realized that wearing color makes me feel comfortable and confident, so I'm invested in inserting more of it into my wardrobe.

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I wore this outfit to school which was a pretty big deal for me because I mostly like to blend into the background when it comes to campus life. Surprisingly, once I got to campus I was filled with more confidence than nervosity. 

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Earrings: Open House Projects
I've been wanting these earrings for a while but couldn't bring myself to make the purchase. I borrowed them from New Classics for these photos but now I'm definitely ready to get a pair of my own. Too bad I'm on a shopping ban...

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Photos were taken by (my wonderful boss) Alyssa Lau