Cold brew is one of those hyped up things that I took my sweet time paying attention to. When I worked at Starbucks, I remember everyone getting really excited for cold brew season but hating it from the very first sip. And I especially hated it because all the people who ordered it were usually really pretentious. But now I'm the pretentious,only-drinks-cold-brew person and I'm fine with it. It all started with my trip to The Egg Shop when I was in New York. It was late on a Saturday, I was tired and we still had appointments to go to. I just needed something to revitalize me. So I ordered an iced coffee, and was instead presented with a cold brew that was so good from the first gulp I couldn't stop talking about for the rest of the day. I spent the last few days of the trip trawling the fridges at Whole Foods looking for the best bottles and cans, and drank cold brew basically every day. 

When I got back home, I couldn't find cold brew anywhere (it was still winter) and the options at my grocery store didn't look great. But now the sun is out, cafés are serving cold brew with abandon, and I'm guzzling down a glass a day. It's probably the only thing that keeps me functioning past noon. To save on costs, I've been purchasing a random one from my local grocery store, but it just doesn't compare to any I had in New York. For now, I'll make do. But I'm still on the hunt.